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What I’m Thinking

John Boyega received some racist commentary when it was revealed that he was playing the part of Finn. I have some thoughts on the matter, which I'll be posting soon.

What I’m Feeling

Wish I had more time for this.  I've got whatever crud is going around, and have been sick since February 6.  Nothing but survival for me, at the moment.

What I’m Working

It's work, work and *more* website work for me this week!

What I’m Playing

Do you recognize this game?  It's an oldie, but a goodie.  I never grow tired of it.

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Singular. Passionate. Kind. Smart. Creative.

I didn’t ask for this life, but this is what I was given. My goal is to make it through, and somehow get all of the things I’ve ever wanted – love, family, hope and joy. Survival is key, but I’m trying to do it with as much compassion and grace as possible.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1998, and it defines me. There is purpose in that. If Fibromyalgia defines me, then I can be honest about it. I can be gritty and dark and sad and brutal. I can also be hopeful and contemplative and driven and happy. At the core of it all, I can be truthful.

My truth won’t be your truth. It may not even be the truth of someone else with Fibromyalgia, but it will be truth. With this truth, I hope to shine a light on marginalized people. I hope to show the daily grind, the tough decisions, the coarse reality, so that those who don’t understand, might, and those who live the same will know they’re not alone.

latest from the blog

How Do You Get a Dream?
Posted By netjera  Posted On 15-Feb-2018

That's a question I'm pondering a lot lately. I'm watching the Olympics, and the athletes are SO incredible. They bring dreams to life. They have drive. Fortitude. Passion. They bring beauty and hope to the screen. It's made me realize: I don't really have any dreams. A dream is something

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Game Development
Posted By netjera  Posted On 09-Feb-2018

One of my hobbies is game development, and it's always been a dream to have a game published.  I've had two games in the works for many years now, and I'm still working slowly to get them finished.  Pharoah's Frenzy, an arcade game, has been in development since 2006.  Professor

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Posted By netjera  Posted On 09-Feb-2018

Since my art encompasses a broad range of materials and techniques, the new portfolio section will be split into various areas.  The Digital Art area will be strictly for digital work - from character concepts to textures for 3d and 2d applications.  I will also include renders and animations in

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