Count Your Blessings

A Multi-Part Post About How Anything Can be a Blessing in Disguise

Part of the problem with the Internet, is that when we report on things, it is easily taken out-of-context. While that’s true of any news source, it’s difficult for the reader to realize how one-dimensional internet communications can be.

For the most part, I see myself as something of a scientist. Which goes against the perception others have of my being an artist. It’s true, though. I’m both. Whenever I take those “Are you Right Brained or Left Brained?” tests, I come out straight down the middle. So when it comes to talking about my illness, I see myself as a reporter – “Here’s what’s going on with the medical stuff. Here’s what’s frustrating, and here’s what’s okay.”

I suppose the over-arching problem is that the written word can only go so far. I often run the risk of being long-winded, so in my attempt for clarity, I try to summarize things. Which itself is a risk, because if I leave out the wrong things, what I say may be confusing, or sound too terse or plaintive. It’s never been my intention to be negative, or to seem negative. I certainly don’t feel negative. I feel as if what I’m doing is very important. In many ways, I feel blessed to have Fibromyalgia. My life would be totally different if I didn’t, and I’m not certain it would have been better.

To that effect, I’d like to talk about some of the blessings I’ve received from having a chronic illness. It’s hard to really fathom that statement – especially if you’re newly ill – but trust me, there’s room there. So in the following weeks, I’ll be presenting ten blessings, which I’ll link here as they’re aired. See you soon!