Essential Oil Tips: Stomach Spasms


Many of you know that I’ve been having a lot of trouble with stomach spasms in my sleep lately. I have no idea why they’re only happening during my sleep cycle, but there it is. Whenever I lay down to sleep, my stomach spasms so violently that my whole body twitches. It doesn’t hurt, but it causes me to startle awake and prevents me from resting. At its worst, I will do it every time I drop off to sleep. If it takes me five minutes to fall asleep again each time, that’s 12 times PER HOUR!

My Mom suggested the problem was stress-related, so I started there. I did a bit of research, and put together an essential oil mix which seems to be working. I applied the oil about half an hour before bedtime, and had a couple of flutters right after I went to sleep, which subsided entirely about fifteen minutes in. After that, I was out like a light ALL NIGHT. Whether this was circumstantial or not, remains to be seen. The true test will be whether the spasms go away entirely with continued use, or whether the oil works once the spasms have already started. Then I’ll be convinced.

Here’s the recipe if you want to test it yourself:

Net’s Tummy Tamer

  • 3-5 drops fractionated coconut oil
  • 1 drop ginger essential oil
  • 1 drop lavender essential oil

Mix the drops in your palms, rub your hands together, and gently rub all over your tummy from just under your chest to under your belly button


Fractionated coconut oil is used as a base, because ginger oil can be a bit harsh without diluting it. It’s a neutral base, has no odor, and isn’t very oily or sticky. It absorbs quickly with no lingering residue.

Ginger tea is good for stomach upsets. Applying it to the tummy has a similar effect, and a bit of research confirmed that it also has anti-spasmodic AND anti-inflammatory properties, both of which help with easing stomach spasms and twitches. (This might also make ginger a reasonable choice for Chron’s or other diseases of gut inflammation.)

Lavender, as everyone knows, is a relaxant. It’s a natural sleep aid, has multiple stress relief benefits, and is often used as a muscle relaxer.

This powerful one-two punch of anti-spasmodic and muscle relaxing properties, seems to be just the thing for a twitchy gut.