Why does turnaround on Limited Edition Prints take so long?

I use a reputable Giclee printing company, which uses a 12-color ink jet printer with very tiny nozzles, providing the highest quality Giclee print for your enjoyment. Their time to print and ship is usually 7 – 10 days. I receive the prints between Day 10 and Day 14, after which I sign them, prepare the inserts and protective packaging, and put them together for shipping. They leave the studio sometime between Day 11 and Day 15, and will arrive to you anywhere from 4 to 7 days after they’ve shipped, depending on your location.

Open Edition prints take a much shorter amount of time, usually 10 – 14 days, as I can have them drop-shipped from the company directly to you.

What’s the difference between Limited Edition Prints and Open Edition Prints?

For each piece of artwork, I do a Limited Edition Print run of ten prints in a single size – 9×12″. Once these ten are gone, they are gone forever. Each Limited Edition Print comes on very high quality Moab Entrada or Sommerset Velvet paper, ranging from 290 – 310 GSM, ensuring stability and durability, while enhancing the print with the beauty of these high-quality papers. Each Limited Edition Print is hand-signed and numbered, comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity, and is packaged in an archival clear bag with archival backing board for protection and storage.

Limited Edition Prints are shipped to the studio from the printer, for signing and preparation, before being shipped to you. This requires a bit of extra time.

Open Edition Prints are available during and after the Limited Edition Print run, are available in various sizes, and are unlimited. Each Open Edition Print comes on high quality Archival Matte photo paper, with a GSM of 230, which makes these prints less expensive, although still very durable. Open Edition Prints are not signed or numbered, but still come with an archival clear bag and backing board for protection and storage.

Open Edition Prints are shipped directly from the printer, and are quicker to arrive than Limited Edition Prints.

How Do I Get In Contact With You?

To contact us, please email help@netjera.com. Thanks!