Privacy Policy

I will never use your personal information for any reason other than to provide you the best service I can. If it is necessary to provide any of your personal information to a 3rd party service, it is only for providing that service to you, and will not be used by that service for advertising or spam production.

At present, I use PayPal and Square to fulfill order processing, and MailChimp to fulfill newsletter delivery. All of these services receive some portion of your personal information to facilitate delivery of these services.

PayPal receives your account information and payment information, if you’re a PayPal user, or your credit card information if you are a guest. This information does not come to me, so I cannot access your payment account in any manner.

Square accesses and submits your credit card information, just like other credit card processing companies. They do not retain your information and use it only to process your payment on my behalf.

I do not maintain payment information on this site in any way.

MailChimp maintains my customer database, and allows me to send you emails, but they do not access or use your information directly.