Tangles Closing, Focus on Jewelry and Fine Art Moving to Netjera.com

Lots going on at the homestead recently! I’ve got jewelry in two different locations, I’ve been showing artwork every month at local shows, and I just won Second Place in Show at the most recent! I’ve been asked to submit several drawings to a local beach shop, and I’ve got a piece in the works for next month’s show. I’m also taking a class to further hone my skills, and I’ll be teaching a creativity class come April 1. Life is really beginning to roll along. (I just hope it doesn’t flatten me, lol!) With the new direction and additional activity comes the need for reevaluation. I’ve decided to simplify things by consolidating everything under Netjera.com.

Netjera.com has been, and will always be my “baby”. I started it in 2006 to showcase what it was like to live with Fibromyalgia, and sometimes it’s only done that by the very absence of blog posts, on the occasions when my illness has taken over my life. My idea, when it began was “Art, Games, Life”. I wanted to discuss art, and showcase my fine art and digital artwork. I also wanted to discuss the work I was doing in the video game industry, as well as games in general. Posting about Fibromyalgia was paramount, as when I began there were no resources for those with the illness, and nobody understood it. It became something of a passion of mine, and a hot button, because a doctor I was dating dumped me after learning I had Fibromyalgia, using the words, “Oh, I don’t believe in fibro.” I think it has served some of these purposes admirably. Others, not-so-much, as I’ve struggled with creating an income and forming a valid life around the challenges I face.

Netjera.com has suffered most in recent years, when I divided my attention between two “businesses” with two websites and two blogs. I couldn’t focus on either, with the limited time and mental stamina I generate. I love creating jewelry, but approaching it as a product-focused, per-piece business requires a lot of extra time and effort that I can’t spare. A friend recently told me that being an artist isn’t like anything else. You aren’t selling a product, you’re selling yourself. To that end, I’ll be moving from a product-centered marketing approach to a person-centered marketing approach. I’ll be closing Tangles, Twists and Treasures and I will no longer be using the Tangles, Twists and Treasures name. I will be moving the blog content from Tangles, Twists and Treasures to its own page on netjera.com, and I will be rebranding and selling ALL of my artwork – including fine art and jewelry – from this location.