The Death of Art

Art is necessary. It is not a luxury.

Look around you. How many things have color or pattern? Watch TV – how many times do you see ads with fancy signs and logos, or TV shows with fancy effects and set design? How often do you walk down the street and think how beautiful the neatly lined trees, or how charming the quaint lampposts? What about your car? Isn’t your car a marvel of color and design?

Now imagine the world without any of these things. Imagine a world where the cars were all grey boxes, and the billboards were nothing but grey words. TV shows were black and white with lifeless characters and sets and outdoor spaces were just plopped down without regard to aesthetics. Imagine roads with lines of featureless grey cars, drab clothes and housewares with no colors or patterns. THIS is a world without art. THIS is what will happen, if the arts disappear and people stop supporting artists.

Art has been around for millennia. We learn about history through the paintings, cave drawings and sculptures cultures have left behind. We have art techniques that have been passed-down for centuries, which are taught to the artists who create the world around you – the world that would be drab and boring, and which perhaps wouldn’t even exist without the artists of today.

If you think art is unnecessary, look around you and imagine a world without it for a second. If art is continued to be taken for granted, and not supported, all of this could be gone someday.