The Portfolio is UP!!

The Portfolio section is finally LIVE!  Each type of artwork is featured on its own tab, and some tabs have more than one section.  Hovering over an image will provide a caption with details about the work.  Some items have a download link, and clicking the link will download the item to your computer.  Clicking the picture, will open the lightbox showing an enlarged view of the image.

On the Tiling Textures tab, you will find various 2d textures, some available for sale, some for download.  Textures range in various sizes, with some being examples of pages built from tiles, and others being the tiles themselves.  Tiles are denoted by the word “tile”, and in some cases have a size of 128×128 for use in sprite packages, etc.  Free tiles have a download link directly on the image.

The Clothing Textures tab contains textures for 3d models.  At the moment, only textures for Daz Studio are showcased.  There are two or three actual texture files for the V4 Sporty Dress available for download.  The full texture pack will be available for sale in the future.

In the Digital Art tab you’ll find all of my character concepts for various games (some for clients and some personal), as well as scene or room concepts.  You’ll also find finished digital works.

Finally, the Fine Art tab showcases a few of my physical art pieces, with more to come in the future.

I hope you enjoy my work!