What is the Difference Between an Open Edition and a Limited Edition?

In the simplest terms, a Limited Edition is much more rare, and hence, more valuable. A Limited Edition is always hand-signed and numbered, and printed in a limited quantity. An Open-Edition is neither signed nor numbered, and may be printed in any number.

Here at Netjera.com, both types of prints are offered.

Limited Edition Prints are hand-signed and numbered, with the maximum edition size being ten prints. All Limited Edition Prints are printed on high quality archival cotton rag paper with a gsm of 290, and are printed in the 9×12″ size ONLY.

When you order a Limited Edition Print, you will get the next available number in the edition. (For example, if 4 out of 10 of “The Frances” have been purchased, then the next available number for purchase will be 5/10.) Once all ten of the prints are gone, they are Sold Out for good.

Limited Edition Prints are a good option for the serious collector on a budget.

Open Edition Prints are not hand-signed or numbered. They are available in a wide range of sizes, and are printed on a lighter-weight archival photo paper with a gsm of 230. These prints will still withstand the test of time, but are not as valuable, lacking the signature and the higher quality finish of the Limited Edition Prints.

Open Edition Prints are less expensive than their Limited Edition counterparts. This allows them to be offered in larger sizes, while still being cost-effective for the art enthusiast.

Open Edition Prints are a good option for art enthusiasts, decorators or those with limited space.