A Healing Journey Through Art

Work In Progress – Updated 12/10/2019

Art Installations

“Grab a Ride” full video.

Gepostet von Netjera am Montag, 16. September 2019
“Grab a Ride” from Fins to Top

Surfboard: The surfboard is still available for auction at until December 20th. Remember, it benefits K9s for Warriors, so if you love surfboards or surfboard art, consider bidding on one of the eight great boards done by our community of artists. On December 21st, the Guy Harvey Outpost in Saint Augustine will be hosting their Santa Paws Holidog Pawty and surfboard auction. Consider bringing your pup for some holiday fun, see the surfboards up-close and bid during the Live Auction! Highest bid between the online bids and the Live Auction will win!

Pizza Peels and Bins: No further word on the Pizza Peels and bins, but I’ll be pursuing these opportunities further, after my solo show on January 3rd.

Pieces in Progress

“On the Move”, a picture of an Ibis walking. In the patterning stage.
“Sunset with Backlit Tree”, 5×7″. This is turning into one of my favorite pieces. Still has a lot of shading to go.
Under-drawing. “Happy Family”. 10×15″
Under-drawing. “Jack”, 15×10″.
Pumpkins. 20×18″. Under painting in watercolor. Patterning in progress.