Work In Progress – Updated 9/18/2019

Art Installations

“Grab a Ride” full video.

Gepostet von Netjera am Montag, 16. September 2019
“Grab a Ride” from Fins to Top

Surfboard: After cleaning, sanding, filling holes, sanding, painting, drawing on the artwork, and applying a final clear coat, the surfboard – now titled “Grab a Ride” is complete. It is available for auction at through the Guy Harvey Outpost in Saint Augustine. For more information, see the Grommet Me Surfboard Exhibit information on the Outpost Pups and Sups page. Online bidding has already begun, and the exhibit will be up through December, with the final auction happening live at the Outpost during Saint Augustine’s Night of Lights celebration!

Pizza Peels and Bins: I have not received a pizza peel from The Art Studio yet, but I’ve also been asked to do a bin for the community project.  I’m really excited about all of these opportunities!

Pieces in Progress

Almost completed the self-portrait. Got the most done during my trip to Virginia, but then hurricanes and family matters intruded. This will be finished for the “Figures and Faces” show opening at FCAL in October. Stay tuned for more news!
The jellyfish has been completed, and renamed to “Under the Sea: Jellyfish”. I’m considering an undersea series. Strangely, many people told me to do seascapes because of their popularity in this area. I balked, because I want to do work that speaks to me. After how much I enjoyed this colorful jelly, the ideas kept coming. I doubt I’ll focus just on water, but creatures of all kinds fill me with joy! Available at FCAL till October. $225
“Swamp Tree” has been finished. It is a one-of-a-kind. I did not make scans, so no prints will be made of this piece. It’s completely unique. It is also available in the FCAL “Anything Goes” show (along with “Under the Sea: Jellyfish”) until October. $65
“Tucker”, 8×8″ was completed and entered into the Gargiulo 8×8″ Show in August. In September, it was purchased by the Gargiulo Art Foundation, as part of an installation to be hung at City Hall. Because of this piece, I was awarded a spot in GAF’s four person show next year!