Work In Progress – Updated 7/3/2019

Art Installations

Surfboard: I’ve received the red surfboard from the Guy Harvey Outpost, and am in the process of removing the wax from it, and prepping it for drawing.  I already have a design in mind, but it’s pretty beaten up, and I want a better look at it without the wax, before I decide whether to make it look like new, or “ride” on the shabby-chic look.

Pizza Peels and Bins: I have not received a pizza peel from The Art Studio yet, but I’ve also been asked to do a bin for the community project.  I’m really excited about all of these opportunities!

Pieces in Progress

Work is proceeding slowly, but surely on the Self Portrait. I’ve darkened the hair and begun adding in details of the shirt and surroundings.
The pier became part of a coffee accident, and I’ve been trying to decide what to do.
The jellyfish saw a HUGE amount of progress over the month, as I added color and began the process of drawing the patterns. However, it, too, became part of the coffee accident and is on hold while I decide what to do.
The Vineyard saw a great deal of progress, before meeting its fate with the coffee, as well.
No work on the Tiny Beach recently.
Because so many people liked the tree from “The Vineyard”, I decided to play around with some different trees. The intention is to use these as under-paintings.
I continued the experiment with the bottom-left painting (above), and this is the result after several hours of work. I’m calling this “Swamp Tree”, although the name will probably change later.