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What I’m Thinking

I’ve been working on procedures for monetizing the blog. I want to do this with some advertising, but not be obnoxious about it. I’d also like to offer products and/or services of value – perhaps...

What I’m Feeling

    We're heading into fall and winter, and all I can say is THANK GOD!  As hurricane season fades into the past, the constant labored breathing and pain caused by weather pressure dwindles into...

What I’m Working

I've got a Holiday Craft Fair through the Flagler County Art League on December 1, 2018, and a yard sale hosted by one of the PCGN members on December 8, 2018.  I'm prepping for both...

What I’m Playing

The Sims 3 is another old-school favorite.  It combined the best of the Sims 1 & 2 with extended graphics, and a mood system that enabled you to get special "experience" which could be used...

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Singular. Passionate. Kind. Smart. Creative.

I didn’t ask for this life, but this is what I was given. My goal is to make it through, and somehow get all of the things I’ve ever wanted – love, family, hope and joy. Survival is key, but I’m trying to do it with as much compassion and grace as possible.

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in 1998, and it defines me. There is purpose in that. If Fibromyalgia defines me, then I can be honest about it. I can be gritty and dark and sad and brutal. I can also be hopeful and contemplative and driven and happy. At the core of it all, I can be truthful.

My truth won’t be your truth. It may not even be the truth of someone else with Fibromyalgia, but it will be truth. With this truth, I hope to shine a light on marginalized people. I hope to show the daily grind, the tough decisions, the coarse reality, so that those who don’t understand, might, and those who live the same will know they’re not alone.

latest from the blog

Daily Deal 2018 – Day #1 (December 10, 2018)
Posted By netjera  Posted On 10-Dec-2018

Today's Daily Deal features this cute pair of Primrose Earrings!  Made of Antique Brass findings, and all glass Czech beads, these hand-wired earrings are normally $25, but are on sale for $12.50/pair!  ONE DAY ONLY!

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Daily Deal Preview – Days 1 – 7 (December 10, 2018 – December 17, 2018)
Posted By netjera  Posted On 10-Dec-2018

Here's a preview of the upcoming Daily Deals for this week.  Each deal will be available for 24 hours, starting at midnight, and will be posted to my Netjera Facebook page, as well as my Tangles, Twists and Treasures Facebook page.  I will also post on my personal timeline.  Postings

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Posted By netjera  Posted On 22-Nov-2018

On this day of Thanksgiving, I’m thinking about gratitude. Fibromyalgia causes a host of problems both seen and unseen, and my health is often an issue. Many people don’t realize how very grateful I am, however. I have many, many blessings, and even in the midst of my most-recent sorrow,

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